Monday, October 11, 2010

Tall Glass of Water

1. How interestin is your Size-View-Placement? Did you consider it at all?
My glass was set on the mirror and I was trying to express reflexion of glass on mirror

2. Did you think of the water as shapes of dark and light colors?
Yes. I used dark blue which is same color tone of mine background color and I used white for light part.

3. How well did you create a sense of transparency?
I think I did pretty well with this part and I'm satisfied with that.

4. Are your ellipses and viewpoints correct and consistent?
I think so. There was same troubles with ellipses and viewpoints, but Mr. Gaudreau gave me advices and I fixed that.

5. Are your paint colors clean and clear or muddy?
I think mine is clear. I used brand new pallette and brushes and keep that in clean status.

6. Did you complete the painting in the allotted time?(3hrs)
Yes, I did.

7. Does your choice object in the water reflect some personal choice?

8. What are you saying in your personal choice of object?
I put pearl necklace in the glass. It's very personal and emotional thing for me, because my mom gave me many stuffs that made of pearl and that's also my mother's mother's-grandma's.

9. Were you focused on your work, using class time effectively, and not distracted?
I was focused on my work during class time and I was work veyr interestingly.

10. Did you achieve a belivable illusion of transparency?
Yes, I made dark shape with same type of point that I used for background color. So it looks like I did pretty well in illusion of transperancy part.


  1. Very good. You picked a good subject. The water looks clear and the pearls shiny. I especially like your photographs below. You hav a photographers eye. I like the unique viewpoints you show. Great possibilities for drawings!

  2. Summer this looks so great.. :) !!! I like how you expressed the darkness of the background.