Saturday, November 13, 2010

black painting


Describe your experience with a palette knife:

· What surprised you?
-> it was hard to use, but it shows quite interesting results!
· What frustrated you?
-> i wanted to express my painting with much softer, but it resulted rough.. but it can be interesting thing of using palette knife
· How did you overcome any frustration?
-> i used several type of palette knives. small, sharp, wide, and big...
· Would you use it again?
Why not? Why? Under what circumstances?
-> it's quite interesting stuffs to paint my painting!
· What did you learn about painting and your “thinking” by using a palette knife?
-> i like to use palette knite for my painting so much. palette knife show very interesting shapes and textures!


Have you shown reflected color and shapes?
Choice of composition draws the eye through the painting from front to back. (not side to side) Tell where and how.
->my composition is focused on mug, part of little black box and small chrismas ball. people might be see the mug in the painting first which is in front side, and then they're gonna look the back side which is part of little black box that contains reflection of the mug and the ball
All objects ( shoes, cups, fabric,etc) appear to be in same light.
Did you SUMMARIZE, generalize, OR ITEMIZE the visual information. Refer to specific areas of your painting and be specific.
-> i did generalize on my painting. using same tone of colors can be reason for that.
but i was separate the color tone beteween real and reflected, so that's the view point of my painting:)

Kudos to another artist- whose work from among your classmates do you think met the criteria best? WHY?
-> I like the Jenn's black work so much! i think she did very well with her big black painting, and i like reflection of her painting so much.

Monday, November 8, 2010

movement and silence

I took 3 pictures for movement and silence.
Fistly, that candle light is perfect example that we can see both of movement and silence.
Secondly, I put my picture that I was took when I went to the ocean, I think it's also could be a movement and silence picture because that I stood in the sand silence, and the ocean was moving when I was stood in silence on the sand.
and finally, last picture is from art museum. that paintings looks like moving, but that's just nailed silence on the wall of museum.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Tall Glass of Water

1. How interestin is your Size-View-Placement? Did you consider it at all?
My glass was set on the mirror and I was trying to express reflexion of glass on mirror

2. Did you think of the water as shapes of dark and light colors?
Yes. I used dark blue which is same color tone of mine background color and I used white for light part.

3. How well did you create a sense of transparency?
I think I did pretty well with this part and I'm satisfied with that.

4. Are your ellipses and viewpoints correct and consistent?
I think so. There was same troubles with ellipses and viewpoints, but Mr. Gaudreau gave me advices and I fixed that.

5. Are your paint colors clean and clear or muddy?
I think mine is clear. I used brand new pallette and brushes and keep that in clean status.

6. Did you complete the painting in the allotted time?(3hrs)
Yes, I did.

7. Does your choice object in the water reflect some personal choice?

8. What are you saying in your personal choice of object?
I put pearl necklace in the glass. It's very personal and emotional thing for me, because my mom gave me many stuffs that made of pearl and that's also my mother's mother's-grandma's.

9. Were you focused on your work, using class time effectively, and not distracted?
I was focused on my work during class time and I was work veyr interestingly.

10. Did you achieve a belivable illusion of transparency?
Yes, I made dark shape with same type of point that I used for background color. So it looks like I did pretty well in illusion of transperancy part.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

JPG challenging - where do you spend your time

I spend most of my times in my room.
They are pictures of my room

JPG challenging - what do you obsess about

These are pictures are what that I'm obsess about. First of all, I took pictures of jumping rope and badminton stuffs because I'm obsess about diet.
Secondly, I took photos of foods, especially Korean food. They are kind of instant food that I bought from Korea because I very like them and I really obsess about Korean food.
And also, I'm obsess about playing instrument which is Korean traditional instrument, called "Hae-Geum", so I took pictures of my instrument.
Lastly, I took pictures of Powerschool and my textbooks, because I'm really obsess about my grades and studying in here.

JPG challenging -pictures of family

these are pictures of my family.
my mother, my cousins, my aunt, and my friends:)

Monday, October 4, 2010


these are drawings of joy series.
they are my dogs.
they make me just happy and comfort.:)

Monday, September 13, 2010

JPG chanllenging- my favorite place

all of these pictures are that I took in Jeju island, Korea.
I went to Jeju island with my mom right before I left Korea this summer.
that was the fist trip that I went to just with my mom without father, brother, and dogs.. :)
Jeju island has really beautiful landscapes..
Thus it was so meaningful for me, and that place, Jeju island is my favorite place.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

summer vacation in Korea

i took this photo in jeju island in Korea.
i like the clear and blue sky and green grass in the photo

summer vacation in Korea

it's a picture in the Trick Art Museum in Korea.
it's actually painting on the floor, but it looks like real thing.