Saturday, November 13, 2010

black painting


Describe your experience with a palette knife:

· What surprised you?
-> it was hard to use, but it shows quite interesting results!
· What frustrated you?
-> i wanted to express my painting with much softer, but it resulted rough.. but it can be interesting thing of using palette knife
· How did you overcome any frustration?
-> i used several type of palette knives. small, sharp, wide, and big...
· Would you use it again?
Why not? Why? Under what circumstances?
-> it's quite interesting stuffs to paint my painting!
· What did you learn about painting and your “thinking” by using a palette knife?
-> i like to use palette knite for my painting so much. palette knife show very interesting shapes and textures!


Have you shown reflected color and shapes?
Choice of composition draws the eye through the painting from front to back. (not side to side) Tell where and how.
->my composition is focused on mug, part of little black box and small chrismas ball. people might be see the mug in the painting first which is in front side, and then they're gonna look the back side which is part of little black box that contains reflection of the mug and the ball
All objects ( shoes, cups, fabric,etc) appear to be in same light.
Did you SUMMARIZE, generalize, OR ITEMIZE the visual information. Refer to specific areas of your painting and be specific.
-> i did generalize on my painting. using same tone of colors can be reason for that.
but i was separate the color tone beteween real and reflected, so that's the view point of my painting:)

Kudos to another artist- whose work from among your classmates do you think met the criteria best? WHY?
-> I like the Jenn's black work so much! i think she did very well with her big black painting, and i like reflection of her painting so much.

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